September 16th, 2005


Let me eat cake

the_flea_king has a lot to answer for, including making me watch this.

It's very large, it's nominally work-safe but don't turn your speakers up. Recycle 70's 80's kitsch, bigtime.

Oh, and I'm sending a zombie goat hit squad to the_flea_king's fur-lined Wyoming secret headquarters to punish him for inflicting this on me.

Zap! Powell's!

Went to Powell's to buy my dad a birthday present. (Lambshead Guide and Secret Life, if you're wondering.) Powell's being Powell's, I bought myself two books as well. Pratchett's new one, Thud (which will cause all other writing related program activities at Rancho Lake to grind to halt during necessary reading time) and a 1944 omnibus from The Viking Portable Library called Six Novels of the Supernatural, ed. Edward Wagenknecht. Those six novels include:

A Beleaguered City by Mrs. Oliphant
The Return by Walter de la Mare
The White People by Franches Hodgson Burnett
The Terror by Arthur Machen
Sweet Rocket by Mary Johnston
Portrait of Jennie by Robert Nathan

(I'm pretty sure "Sweet Rocket" refers to the herb, but I'm going to steal the title and reuse it in the other sense of "rocket".)