October 8th, 2005


Another language check

Try saying the word "conscienceless" out loud -- I pretty much can't get it out of my mouth.

Also, went to a book signing in Newport, OR today, which was fun. Maybe more about that later after I get over spending about 12 hours on the road.

Fat colors

One more thing ere I shuffle off to dream's inconstant country somewhere beneath the glaring light of the mind. Driving back from Newport along OR-22, tillyjane, DG and I saw the strangest rainbow. Sun was fairly low in the west, we were facing a little north of east, sky was heavily clouded with sunbreaks and rainfall areas visible in several directions. The rainbow was just a stub, a few degrees of what would have been a monstrous arc had it been whole. What was weird is that it was a touching double -- two spectra with no spacing between them. The outer spectrum, along the outside rim of the curve, was at least twice as wide as the inner spectrum.

I'd never seen a wide rainbow before. In fact, I'd never considered the idea that rainbows have width. They've always all looked sort of the same to me. But here were two arcs with obviously different widths. A few bends in the road later, it was a touching triple, the new inner bow being the same width as the skinny inner bow from the previous view, the outer bow still being at least double width.