October 13th, 2005


Big props

Big props to jtdiii, who Wrought Physics upon me last night in the name of helping me get "Death of a Starship" moved toward completion. I am most grateful.

I shall tuckerize you somewhere within the story, sir, as thanks.

Trivia: I've known jtdiii longer than anyone else who isn't a family member.

Time for another LJ game

I think we need a new lj game. There's not enough really good non-clichéd expletives out there. You know, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stuff, like:

"By the weeping paps of the Mother of Forests!"

Comment this post with your proposal for a really good expletive in the finest genre tradition. Could be fantastic, horrific, skiffy, whatever. You may enter only once, and if you post Anonymously, please add some reasonable identifying information. I am going to hold this comment thread open until Friday night (or longer at my discretion if people are still cooking.) Over the weekend I'll make a poll out of the ones I liked best (which could be all of them.) The person whose entry gets the most votes will be mailed a personalized, autographed copy of their choice of Rocket Science or TEL : Stories. Ties to be settled by the Child. All judging is final and at my discretion, yadda yadda yadda.

Update: New entries are now closed.

That whacky goulo

goulo is moving to Poland Real Soon Now. He recently sent me a suspicious envelope, which turned out to contain various photos of assorted hijinks from back when I lived in Austin and we hung around together. This included the famous Prude Ranch photo, and a shot of me with a full beard (pace Grizzly Adams), back when there was no gray in my facial hair either.

Ah, memories. Have a good life in Poland, goulo.