October 15th, 2005


Another day in the life of the Child

Went to fetch the Child from her mother's place to go to her extreme theater class. They were having a sort of low-grade argument, not a drag out fight, just a disagreement, when I walked in. The Child said something to the effect of "You don't listen to me!", then took a roll of duct tape off her mother's art table, snipped off a strip, and taped her own mouth shut.

It beats the hell out of a tantrum, but, um...

Then, on the way to the car, she grabbed a leather strip from somewhere and blindfolded herself for the ride to the Hawthorne district.

I don't even want to *think* about what this means for her dating life.

Writering is hard, let's go to the mall

Hmm. Reached a point in "Death of a Starship" where physics and logic dictate I must kill one of two important supporting characters through a crucial decision by the POV in that scene. Fred hath wrought this, I didn't expect it. Both the POV and I are appalled. Must decide what to do next.

Maybe I'll go to the mall instead.

PS. At 39,000 words and refusing to end decently like a short story should. But it's going to be a damned *short* novel. Are you listening, arcaedia?

PSS. Skipped mall, killed character. Will report on progress later.