October 17th, 2005


Update: Who's going to be at WFC?

Going to be at WFC...


Going to be in da' hows on the Governor's Club level


I'm thinking maybe late Saturday afternoon for an lj bar party, before people drift off to dinner? 3ish to 5ish? Other thoughts?

Drop me a comment here if you want to be styling on this bad list.

Repost: Upcoming book signage in the PDX metro area

David Goldman, Ken Scholes, Stephen Stanley and me signing in four-part harmony...

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005, 1 to 3 pm
Borders - Gresham
687 North West 12th Str.
Gresham, OR 97030

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005, 4 to 6 pm
Borders - Vancouver
811 South East 160th Str
Vancouver, WA 98683

Be there or be a quadrilateral figure.

Slightly puzzled

Got an email from another pro asking for participant info on a WFC panel they are moderating to which I have been programmed. Which is dandy, except I've never seen a whisper about WFC programming in my own inbox. Kabuki panels! Dadaïst scheduling! Stay tuned for developments...or just find me in the bar.

Update: Anybody know when the IHG Awards are? As in day/time?

WFC West Coast Publishing Posse Party

To quote mme_publisher in reference the hippest party in the house Friday night of WFC...

"This might be a good time to tell everyone that Friday night at 10:00 is a party sponsored by the West Coast Publishing Posse (aka Wheatland Press, Tachyon Publications and Night Shade Books) and the Scribe Agency. We'll have that local beer with the pretty cow pictures ont he front and maybe some cheese curds if I can get a local to help me find good ones. I have this fear that they have special Tourist Cheese Curds, you know? Little balls of Velveeta or something that they had to the people who are obviously from like, Illinois or New Jersey or somewhere and then they smile in that courteous Wisconsin way and say, "Yeah, *these* are the cheese curds you've heard so much about...aren't they de-LI-cious?" and meanwhile, after the tourists leave, they're all high-fiving and laughing and stuff..."


I don't talk a lot about music...I am at best an interested and poorly-informed spectator of that world. But today I was privileged to listen to an early mix of a Radiohead cover from a pretty astonishing interpretation. When it's in release, I'll share more. Watch this space.

In the mean time, amuse yourselves with "Plan", one of the cuts from The Kleptones' Night at the Hip Hopera, a Queen-hiphop mash the_flea_king originally turned me on to. While I'm also quite fond of "Question" from the same album, I've been listening carefully to "Plan" and been richly rewarded.

I ran down the hiphop song sitting in that mash, "8 Point Agenda" by The Herbalizer, though honestly I like the mashup better.


Currently watching Forbidden Planet. Damn, all us skiffy types ought to stop what we're doing and take 90 minutes out of our lives for this movie.

Also, is anybody besides me tired of "intergalactic" used when the writer/speaker needs "interstellar" or even "interplanetary"? (This isn't a complaint about FP, but I heard it on the radio today, which reminded me of one of my most beloved peeves.)

Though I do like Robbie the Robot's clattering memory registers.

"This is no offense, but you are a robot, aren't you?"
"You are a moron, aren't you, Captain?"

A little more steam of consciousness

Ann Francis appears on screen, stimulating this line...

"We young men have been shut up in hyperspace for over a year now. From over here, the view looks just like heaven."

Also, while at the stylist's this evening, I heard my cutter and one of the other cutters complaining about a third, absent stylist.

"She's like, oh, gone two days without talking about herself. I think she's going to explode."
"Yeah, and she talks too much. Uses too many words. Like, she's always talking about pH. Like, dude, that pH is too high, you're going to strip the sheath off the follicles and damage the core. You need to recalculate the pH. Stylists mostly use the Force, ma'am."

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Roll your own cliché contest winner!

Per the polling Collapse )

...the winner is lisamantchev with 14 votes for "Thou mewling hedge-born flax-wench!" You want Rocket Science or TEL : Stories? Also, I'm giving a Judge's Choice Award to nick_kaufmann for "By the squirting teats of Lactos!" because I nearly peed myself laughing when I first read that. Nick, pick one of those books as well.

Thanks for playing, everybody!