October 24th, 2005



Sick today with the bugrums -- lumpy lymph nodes, closed up throat, general lassitude (no Timmytude yet, though). Expect continued light blogging and low-to-nonexistent witticisms. Unless the fantods take me, in which case I might be even more entertaining and less comprehensible than my usual low standards of discourse.

WFC Reading

Well, I appear to have a reading at WFC, 11:30 am on Sunday immediately after the estimable eBear, a/k/a matociquala and opposite my buddy Nina Kiriki Hoffman. That would be Conference II, for those who might materially need to know.

Hey Bear, want to go in on coffee and donuts? Or perhaps absinthe and truffles? Might help our friends and fans make it in. Mebbe we should have a poll to see what people want.

"Who's got short-shorts?" pass the ducks

I've sort of woken up from my illness-induced stupor and accompanying nap-related program activities. The short-short post of yesterday inspired a bit of interest. Here's what people seem to think might be cool, synthesized through the Jay-O-Matic filter:

1) Establish a community with posting restricted to members.
2) Restrict community viewing as well in an effort to preserve first rights. (ie, about the same status as OWW or Critters, in theory).
2a) Viewers to be approved/moderated by me or by the community as a whole. (Posters only? Anyone who asks?)
3) (Semi)random photo posted once a week as potential story starter.
3a) Discussions of photo encouraged by way of it serving as story starter.
4) Short-shorts posted by members, ideally once per week, could be based on photo but not required.
5) This would not be a critique group, but rather a motivational tool and a sort of shared writer's toy. Behave accordingly in both posting and commenting habits.

Other comments? Should I do it?

Stories unfolding

The Child just was down here, and dictated part of a story to me. We ran out of time, not story, but it was interesting. She was very concerned about description, and about scene structure. (Not that she used either of those terms.) But the thing that cracked me up was this bit:

Child: "Once upon a time in a faraway land...can I skip the 'once upon a time'?"
Me: "Sure"
Child: "Long, long ago there was a wizard."