November 11th, 2005


Little bit of this, little bit of that, little bit of three card monte

Miscellaneous updatery...

Rocket Science [ Clarkesworld | Amazon ] gets a shoutout here on the Chasing Ray blog. Also, I shall be away this weekend at a workshop in Lincoln City, OR, with unknown Internet access. Expect light to non-existent blogging.

Reflecting this morning that the workshop will include a number of old friends, including a gentleman I can only describe as Crown Prince of the Sex Pirates. A title to which he would whole heartedly assent, I might add.

And I'll leave you for now with this citation from the Book of the Dark Morning.

Lo, the sleeper was awakened in the third hour of the night
Not by the trumps of angels, but by the choke of the cat
Which delivered in the depths of shadow not once
But twice a deep, burning burden from within
And the sleeper quailed before the might of the cat
Wondered in waking agony where his heel
Might plant upon that bitter burden
But when morning finally came a miracle was upon the sleeper
For there was no burden, only grubby carpet
Yet instead of rejoicing at this sign of favor
He was taken with a deep suspicion
For fear of being assaulted by surprise
Within his slippers, perhaps

A story is out... a market I may or may not have announced here. My short story "The Righteous Path" is now available in the anthology Time After Time, ed. Denise Little, from DAW Books. [ Amazon ] It's an alternate history/time travel story centered around the Battle of Tours.

Klog and Mlog updatery

Been dilatory about klog posting. Recently read:

Dr. Black and the Guerrillia by Brendan Connell, from Grafitisk [date unk]. [ Shocklines ] A great read, neat little book about one of Connell's recurring characters, a sort of premodern superhero without any actual superpowers. Will soon be shopping a review of it around.

Now reading Things That Never Were by Matthew Rossi, from Monkeybrain Books, 2003. [ Amazon ] This is quite something, a remarkable book which has received far too little attention. Essentially, a collection of essays about things that never were. Like picking up back issues of The New Yorker from some other version of the space-time continuum. Also will be shopping a review soon.


Now listening to Mama Auto Boss from Point Juncture WA, self-published, 2005. [ CD Baby | Some mp3s available from their site ] Some of you may know PJ-WA as the Child's band buddies, and Jesse, the lead singer, is the co-conspirator on the Child's CD single of last summer. It's a very nice album blending alt.rock and space age lounge music. Think Morcheeba with less horns and more Lou Reed. (They cite Yo La Tengo as an influence.) I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I'll see if I can rustle up a direct purchase link.

Update: I forgot to mention that Mama Auto Boss comes in an almost painfully beautiful presentation, completely handmade slip cover and cd case. It may be the prettiest album I've ever owned in the post-wax world. This also explains why I've seen one or another of the band on their side porch over there across the street so many of these recent days with spray cans and a breather mask.

United States Patent 6,960,975

United States Patent 6,960,975: Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state


A space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state is provided comprising a hollow superconductive shield, an inner shield, a power source, a support structure, upper and lower means for generating an electromagnetic field, and a flux modulation controller. A cooled hollow superconductive shield is energized by an electromagnetic field resulting in the quantized vortices of lattice ions projecting a gravitomagnetic field that forms a spacetime curvature anomaly outside the space vehicle. The spacetime curvature imbalance, the spacetime curvature being the same as gravity, provides for the space vehicle's propulsion. The space vehicle, surrounded by the spacetime anomaly, may move at a speed approaching the light-speed characteristic for the modified locale.

(Loads more fun at the link, including the drawings.)