November 16th, 2005


Misc Updatery

I'm back inside another novel, Other Me. (One set aside a while back in the chaos of the late summer.) I hope to have it done by the end of November, which means I have to crank about 40-50K words in the next two weeks. Of course, that's exactly the clip I wrote Death of a Starship at, so I'm not concerned. Come December, I have to be jiggy on Trial of Flowers in order to reach that deadline successfully.

Meanwhile, I continue to deeply admire matociquala. She uses her lj to work live, without a net, clearly and explicitly stating goals and progress, and discussing process down to a level of detail that would cause me to go into vapor lock, all with grace and wit and erudition.

I've been experimenting lately with turning this space into sort of a salon myself. And also with being a bit more public about my own process steps. Not imitating matociquala, but learning from her. I don't think I can be quite as brutally self-honest in public as she, and I don't suppose I need to be. But like Babe Ruth pointing to the stands, she calls her shots and she takes her swings.

I can learn a lot from this woman. And in my own way, maybe I can help a few other folks find their own batting stances.

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Y'all play nice.