November 17th, 2005


Dream, dream, dream...

Woke up this morning convinced that Death of a Starship was actually a piece of Miles Vorkosigan fan fiction, and found myself hoping desperately that my agent either a) wouldn't notice, or b) would help me establish Fair Use.

Writer nightmares.

Then I got up and thought about Other Me during the course of my morning ablutions, and everything was all better.

Small press and micro markets

As I said here, I've just sold a story to micro market Shimmer. I've a long and productive history selling to small presses and micro markets, and there's a lot of nuances to being in those markets. They continue to rise in respectability as a class, gauging by the number of YB selections and HMs which originate in those places, but it's a complex landscape in which to seek publication.

I'm framing a little manifesto on small press and micro markets, but I want to give it more time than I have tonight. In the mean while, I toss the topic out with some questions.

- How do you identify small markets?
- What makes them interesting and/or legitimate to you?
- If you don't submit to small markets, why not?
- If you do submit to small markets, why?
- What do you see as the role of small markets in the genre field right now?

More on this from me tomorrow.