November 21st, 2005


Super baby

"Arthur is beginning to grab things. This afternoon Mark was speaking with Lime Green Larry and Arthur took the phone from him. I don't know how a five and a half month infant can wrest a cell phone from a forty-something gay man because I was washing dishes in the next room. See; if we had a dishwasher, I wouldn't have missed this precious moment in Arthur's development."

From John Burridge's latest update.

Wichita Lineboy

Late evening here in G-town. We went out to dinner at that midmarket restaurant that is Gaido's alter-ego. Pretty good food, but as we drove along the seawall, the ocean was a strange sort of titanium blue that I've never seen before. The sun was just at the horizon, roughly behind us, and the water had copper highlights, especially on the curling wave tops. Amazing stuff, all under a rose-purple sky that whispered the secrets of dusk and the rumors of stars soon to come.

The Child found a ginormous shell on the beach today. It's six, eight inches long, a classic spiralled thing. Not very colorful, but elegant and big. We're going to clean it up tomorrow. Either I or lillypond will take a photo later, with a dollar bill or something for scale. I'll post when we do. It's odd, because this part of the Gulf Coast really isn't known for good shelling. The usual little bivalves and whatnot, but this is by far the biggest shell I've ever seen that wasn't found by a professional beachcomber working a shell beach. Good for the Child...she's quite proud of herself.

I knocked out another chapter of Other Me tonight, and will probably fiddle a little more on the next before I go to sleep. This is easily the draftiest first draft I've ever done. I hope that's good...I can only assume it's an evolution in process. Still don't know if I'm going to the space center at NASA tomorrow with the Child, lillypond, and my brother-in-law D. I've been there before, and I really want to pound on this book.

Anyway, the kid is snoring over there on the other side of our little room, and I will be soon.

One more thing

My email has been very strange lately. If you've sent me personal or business email and I haven't responded with whatever you think my usual promptness is, this is almost certainly because stuff is getting trapped in my server queue (or some such). Please resend if this happens.
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