November 22nd, 2005



Having finished another chapter of Other Me, I was mistakenly allowed in the kitchen of the beach house. Since I'm here alone right now, I have only myself to blame.

Chopped up eight or ten cloves of garlic from Woody's Smokehouse -- it's pickled with habaneros. Woo-hee! Sauteed the fine-chopped habanero garlic in about 1/4 stick of butter. Poured resultant garlic butter over toast. Fried up some honey baked ham slices in the residue. Laid them down. Sliced some gherkins longitudinally. Laid them down. Spread some mayonnaise on the open face, added a generous heaping of Price's Pimiento cheese spread. Clasped it shut and ate it with tortilla chips.


Back to the novel.

Got to the other end of Other Me

Re Other Me, finished the plot, if not the book. Now I have to go back in and fill the 5-7K or so missing words elided in [ brackets ] throughout the manuscript so it will be decent for my first readers. That was 22K words in the past six days or so, will hit close to 30K words total new text in the next couple of days if I make it through my elisions without being utterly mugged by the holiday. Plus whatever revisions and expansion I pack in any time I reread.

NaNoWhatMe, worry?

Seriously, this may be the crappiest first draft I've ever written. (Not story wise, draft-polish-wise...I like the story.) I hope it's worth the trouble.

Update: No, it's not a 22K word novel. That's 22K new words on top of what I wrote last summer before August ate my brain and I got sidetracked into other things.