November 23rd, 2005


Another writer's nightmare

I dreamt last night that mme_publisher was on a panel entitled "Being Jay Lake" at some Con being held (in my dreamscape) at the University of Texas at Austin campus. (Where I went to college lo these decades past.) She convinced me to attend in the audience, against my better judgment, but we couldn't make it to the panel. Every road and sidewalk was jammed or under construction or something, and we kept detouring farther and farther from our route, until we were walking a steep, muddy trail gnarled with roots. I tripped and fell and dropped my laptop (with all my writing inventory thereon) under a passing bus. We never did make it to the panel.

Writers and their dreams.

Unrelated note: Mom, looking at one of the dinner table chairs here in the beach house: "Um...are these washable?" Me: :: laughter ::

LJ Question

What's up with a significant number of comments left for me not generating email notifications? Is that just me or are other people having this problem?

Another day in G-town

Kid craziness today. The Child found a sharktooth on the beach. My sister took a stunning photo of it here when I get here. We had pork and beans and peas and five kinds of pie for dinner. I got 3,500 or 4,000 words done on the expansion/backfill of Other Me. Ocean's still there, last I looked.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. We're going to have about 25 people here tomorrow.