November 25th, 2005


Photos from today's trip on the Bolivar ferry

The Child, the Niece, lillypond, lillypond's husband D, and me took the Bolivar ferry today from Galveston for the express purpose of watching the porpoises. We did see a fair number of porpoises, including one full breach, but photographing them was a bit beyond my skill. I did, however, take Collapse )

Also had lunch on the Strand, and visited Colonel Bubbie's. Possible sidetracks to the tall ship museum, the oil drilling museum, the railroad museum and Moody Gardens were postponed due to the Niece needing to return for her nap. Special bonus was identifying an open entrance to the abandoned and partially destroyed Sea-a-rama, but I'm not sure I'll make it over there to shoot any photos.

Belated Squat and Gobble Report

The Child counted 24 folks here in the beach house last night. We had two turkeys, more side dishes than any human should be allowed to have, various amounts of wine, nine pies and two cakes. There were my cousins, their cousins on the other side, family of one of their SOs, the older brother of someone's best friend from high school ca. 1985, etc. etc. etc. Eclectic bunch. We collectively ate ourselves stupid. A good time was had by all, especially the Child, who played extensively with my cousin's cousin's child of about the same age.

A secondary feast is in train for this afternoon, with new arrivals knocking as I write this.