November 26th, 2005


Back in Dallas, change of plans

Back in Dallas. Long drive from Galveston.

The boys' car stopped at Fry's south of Houston (with a 1:1 scale model of the ISS! more photos to come...), ate lunch at Chuy's north of Houston (mmm...tasty Tex-Mex goodness!), stopped for more pickled and meaty goodness at Woody's (bread and butter pickles with jalapenos and pineapple, more pork jerky for the Child), then at the Russell Stover's outlet in Corsicana (some chocolate dipped Oreos and a gift for TG).

Now having a quiet evening at my parents' home, watched Madagascar (highly recommended), now watching The Polar Express (ask me tomorrow) with the wide-eyed Child.

Change of plans: for those playing the take-home version of Where's Jay, my Omaha trip has rolled back by a week, to the 5th of December. I'll be in the PDX this coming week through the weekend.

No writing today, but I guess it was a 'recharge' day for me. Not yet behind on my schedule, so, hey...