November 30th, 2005


More klogging

More (boo)klogging.

Recently read Matthew Rossi's Things That Never Were : Fantasies, Lunacies & Entertaining Lies, MonkeyBrain Books, 2003 [ Amazon ]. It's got some painfully bad copy-editing, which interrupts the reading experience in unfortunate ways, but this book is brilliant, and brilliantly weird. Rossi, like Vukcevich or VanderMeer, seems to be working more or less in his own private genre, shelved inside F/SF mostly because no one else would know what to do with him. This is a book of essays about alternate histories, weird conspiracy theories and general bizarreness. Fictional creative nonfiction, in essence. Some wonderful conceits here, from a Napleonic artificial intelligence to deeply troubling speculation about the true nature of the history of the human species. I'm hoping to review this book, along with the recent Brendan Connell novel I read, though I suppose I ought to find a market for those reviews at some point, too.

Also finished Terry Pratchett's Once More* with Footnotes, NEFSA Press, 2005 [ Clarkesworld | Amazon ] last night. If you're a Pratchett fan, this is probably a must-read. If you're not, move along, nothing to see here. It's a compendium of short fiction, introductions, essays and articles written by him over the years on a number of topics. There's some Discworld material, some DW-related material, some non-DW material (including a reprint of his first published story) and some entertaining (and even lovely) biographical material. I liked it quite a bit, but then, I'm predisposed to like his work.

Misc bookery and artery

Just got my copy of Men on the Moon, the 1969 Wollheim-edited anthology of moon landing stories. I need it for research on my zombie Lincoln on the moon story. Pity, this copy is practically virginal. I don't think it's ever been opened. Mua hah hah hah.

In other news, the Mother of the Child recently showed her fabric art at Winterfaire here in town, sold some work and received several commissions. She has been doing images in old window frames, Collapse )


My presence provider (*not* my ISP) has been very wonky lately, the web site and email addresses falling over fairly regularly in the last two months after literally years of sterling service. I am Making Enquiries, as they like to say, but I may be looking for another provider.

My requirements:

UNIX/LINUX shell account with SSH access
Apache service
Hosting for a limited number of domains (three at present, I believe)

Any suggestions? Right now I'm paying $15 a month for loads of disk space and heretofore reliable access. I'd like essentially the same thing, without the serial service failures.