December 1st, 2005


Let it snow...NOT

Our winter storm warning has been cancelled, replaced with a snow advisory. For those nonUSAnians amongst the reading audience, a "winter storm warning" means "you're really in for it, bubba", a "winter storm watch" means "you might be in for it, bubba", a "snow advisory" means "watch out for a little bit of the white stuff." So overnight we downgraded from "oh crap" to "wear your mittens."

Got to love the weather. Me, I hate snow with a passion.

Mmm...tasty cheese...

This is either the coolest thing since the bagel slicer, or a Sign of the End Times. Or maybe both. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the product we've all been waiting for, the USB-powered fondue set.

Man, are we living in the future or what?

Update: Per marksiegal, I have been so busted. Click here to see it's all a nasty, vicious fraud. Sniff. Whimper.

Of course, the funny part is I found that completely believable.

The Berenstain Bears Cross Beyond the Veil

Stan Berenstain recently moved on to the Great Bear Country in the sky. His children's books are very popular with families everywhere, including the Child. I personally have rather mixed feelings about them. How do you feel about the Berenstain Bears?

Poll #624350 Berenstain Bears Cross Beyond the Veil

The Berenstain Bears are:

Shining beacons of moral rectitude
Interesting children's books
Hanna Barbera cartoons gone bad
Inimical earth spirits corrupting our youth