December 6th, 2005


Test Pattern

This is a test pattern. I am working in the Omaha office this week, so not much blogging at all except maybe in the evenings. Move along, nothing to see here.

(In other news, some lj comment notifications from mid-November have started to appear in my mailbox...)

Snowblind and lost in the purity of morning

It was a mighty 5 degrees below zero this morning when I got in my rental car, and there was frost on the rear view mirror. That would be the rear view mirror *inside* the car. At lunch, there was still snow in the back seat where I'd knocked it in that morning, and the temperature (according to the car thermometer) was 8 above zero. (Fahrenheit, in case anyone is wondering.)

On the plus side, KF, one of the sales guys from work and a longtime friend, took me out to his place in the country to look after his epileptic dog, during the course of which I got to cruise around his back 40 (well, back 10) in a 4WD ATV. I have pictures of this unlikely event, but the camera is here in my hotel room and the memory card reader is at the office, so that for another day. We then spent 30 or 40 minutes cruising the back roads of Washington County, Nebraska, looking for wild turkey (which we spotted) and pheasants (which we failed to spot). Damn this crap can be pretty.

And had a pleasant dinner with garyomaha tonight -- cheese fondue with sirloin tips. When I parked my car at the hotel, it was 2 degrees. Above zero, thank Ghu.

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