December 23rd, 2005


Went to the city, got to be on the teevee

Apparently I was on television and didn't even know it. Well, my book Rocket ScienceClarkesworld Books | Amazon ] was, at any rate.

Publisher Patrick Swenson of Fairwood Press writes:

Today I got a letter letting me know there'd been a television show review of Rocket Science. It was on the CBS affiliate WTVF in Nashville Tennesee, "Open Line" TV show on Dec 6th. They promoted and reviewed the book. Saralee Terry Woods (known as BookWoman/BookMan) said: "We appear regularly on the CBS TV station WTVF on the "Talk of the Town" program, their mid-day show. It is the top ranked daytime television program in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama, covering not only the public, but numerous bookstores and the headquarters of Ingram Books..."

The only specific quote from the "Bookman/Bookwoman" segment from the show that she passed along was: "It's a talking machine and a flying
machine in post war Kansas in this brilliant fantasy novel."

I found both WTVF and BookWoman/BookMan on the Internet, and sure enough there's the book mentioned:

Kewl. Wish I had a segment tape.

St. Cynic on the Dover ID decision

The rather excellent science blog St. Cynic talks about the American Family Association's response to the Dover ID decision by, in part, comparing ID with geocentrism -- a hilarious parallel which had never occurred to me.

No, it's not going to be appealed, but thanks for paying attention before spouting off. As far as this "stranglehold evolution has on our public schools", let's change that around just a bit. Let's talk about the "stranglehold" that heliocentricity has on our public schools. After all, we teach that heliocentricity is true and do not allow teachers to offer geocentricity as an alternative because some people think the Bible supports it. Why? Because heliocentricity is true.

One could make the same arguments for geocentricity as one makes for ID - there are legitimate scientists who argue that it is true (Gerardus Buow, the leading geocentrist, has a genuine degree in astronomy from Case Western Reserve). They even make all the same arguments about "Copernicanism" as IDers make about "Darwinism", that it fosters a dangerous "naturalism" that leads to "moral relativism" and the downfall of everything good in society. And there is just as much research to support geocentrism as there is to support ID - none.

That darned knee

Called the help line at my usual clinic today, talked to a nurse about my knee, she said, "uh, could you come in today?"

So I'm off to the doctor shortly. She says they may have to drain it.
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The operation was a success, the patient cried

Somewhat anticlimactic at the clinic. (This is a good thing.) I'm told I have water on the knee, and inflammation (duh), but probably not a bone infection, and the water on the knee isn't severe enough to require draining. I'm to be RICE this weekend -- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation -- and call in immediately if the pain or temperature increases, and call in next week if it continues to fail to heal. They recommended a neoprene sleeve (spendy, apparently), and sent me home with an elastic bandage wrap.

Upon coming home, I found a summons for Federal jury duty -- a petit jury being empanelled January 10th. Whee. (Actually, I find this kind of interesting, but the hassle factor may be nigh toxic, depending on how it goes.)

The Child and I are off shortly for dinner with my dad and step-mom, lillypond, her hubbie and the Niece, at lillypond's house. (My sister and I live a mile or two apart.)

Solsticial felicitations to you and yours, if my words don't reach you again this weekend.