December 25th, 2005


You'll put your eye out with that thing, kid

I'm celebrating Christmas by watching the new special edition DVD of A Christmas Story that bibliothec gave me, whilst waiting for the Child to wake up and commence festivities. I was up very early taking tillyjane to the airport so's she could fly to Texas and visit her sister, my aunt V.

Crossing Arms of Doom
My good deed for the morning was calling 9-11 because, as I was coming home from the airport, the crossing arms on the UPRR mainline grade crossing at southbound SE 11th Avenue were malfunctioning. Officer Devlin called me back a few minutes later on my cell phone -- when the arms are up, the problem is not obvious, but when they're down, the left-hand arm is wompered so badly as to be stuck in a tree.

Cheese Blogging Delayed is Cheese Blogging Denied
A nice, successful dinner yesterday at the home of tillyjane and AH, with various others, including ET, the oldest, crankiest person I know -- a delightful woman who is living proof a human being can survive on sheer cussedness, and something of a radical leftie (think those two are connected), their friend G (of whom the Niece asked, "can she talk?"), lillypond, with spouse and the Niece, Mr. and Mrs. huyifu, the Child, and her mother. I took photographs of the various breads and cheeses in play, took careful notes in consultation with my fellow diners, then left the camera there. Now that tillyjane has left town, I shall have to coordinate with AH to get the camera back. In the mean time, no cheese blogging.

Whenever you have a problem, the United States Postal Service comes to the rescue

The Child is loaded down with Christmas loot, currently watching The Fantasticks on DVD. Which has some pretty witty lines, in addition to some amazing imagery. I had to explain who Teller is, though.

Off later to bibliothec's house for a little Christmas cheer, then all of us to lillypond's house for another dinner. D, her hubs, has a deep fryer for the turkey. That comes out quite tasty. Also my brother M will be there, along with the huyifus, and some of D's family. The second half of the great cheese event will be there.

So be good, have fun, don't drink too much 'nog.