December 29th, 2005


In other news

The Genre Car died last night while the Child and I were out on an errand. I strongly suspect water in some inappropriate location, given my experiences of yesterday morning. However, the car had made it home from the original puddle incident, run an earlier errand successfully, and made a ten minute drive before the bottom dropped out of the low idle and it began stalling every time I took my foot off the accelerator. (Ie, to stop at a light.) Having it towed this morning to Affordable Tire (despite the name, they are full service mechanics). If you live in PDX, I can highly recommend them as reliable and reasonable provider of car repair and maintenance.

And my thanks to lillypond for rescuing us.

Fascinating, captain

slithytove points to this article at New Scientist, "13 Things That Do Not Make Sense".

I found this 'graph fascinating:

"Levin is petitioning ESA and NASA to fly a modified version of his mission to look for "chiral" molecules. These come in left or right-handed versions: they are mirror images of each other. While biological processes tend to produce molecules that favour one chirality over the other, non-living processes create left and right-handed versions in equal numbers. If a future mission to Mars were to find that Martian "metabolism" also prefers one chiral form of a molecule to the other, that would be the best indication yet of life on Mars."

The things I do for work

I'm not even a quarter through Trial of Flowers and I have already resorted to a dramatis personae, as well a list of named historical characters, a hand-drawn (and continually evolving) map of the City Imperishable and a gazetteer of named places. Why did I decided to write in such a fractal setting as this?

I laugh at myself. But it's fun.

"Quick! What's the shortest route from the Softwood Quay to the Limerock Palace? To the mapmobile!"