January 10th, 2006



Snurched from everybody and her sibling: If you're new to my friends list, or someone who doesn't know me IRL, feel free to ask me a question. Maybe it's something you don't know about me that you think you should, maybe it's something about my writing, maybe it's an oracular question about your recent dreamscapes. Doesn't matter.

My twist: in the same comment you ask me a question, you have to tell me something about yourself.

Minty Fresh Yet Strangely Damp

It rains here. And I do mean rain. Like flood watches and rivers threatening to reclaim their banks from the hand of man, and water in the streets. I keep expecting to see some guy hauling gopherwood to his boatslip.

In other news, some potential minty publishing goodness afoot. Watch this space for more news.

Meanwhile, back to Trial of Flowers.