January 29th, 2006


Updating the updatery

Well, in the last week nearly everything slid. storyword was neglected, I responded to only the most burningly critical emails, several important non-Trial of Flowers projects were luffed out on. Being back in town and back in my right head for the first time in a week yesterday, I spent the day with the Child and away from the keyboard. We helped bibliothec fix a leaky shower fixture, went to Do-Jump (her extreme theatre/circus arts/gymnastics fusion class), and went out last night to douglain's book release party, adventures ably documented here by mkhobson.

So today the Child and I went out intending to take a walk of 2.5 to 3 miles, across the Ross Island Bridge, up to the Hawthorne Bridge, and back down to Rancho Lake. As we were heading north on the west side, the Child suddenly announced she wanted to walk to bibliothec's house, as practice for the summer hiking season. So we walked up Barbur Blvd. in the pouring rain.

About 7 miles, most of it uphill. All legs are twitching. bibliothec assures us we are nuts. Once I get the Child back to her mother's, I have an essay to finish, a short story to write, email to answer. Then I'm going to start walking back through Trial of Flowers.

No rest for the wet.

Misc Updatery and the Foxes of Venus

Feet hurt. It rained all day.

In other news, got the IROSF essay whacked out about three cathairs before the deadline police came to beat me senseless. (Trial of Flowers kind of got in the way.) Also got the new short story, "The Fly or Die Ticket", done -- 3,300 words, going out to market tomorrow. I may not have hit the requested theme tightly enough, but here's me trying not to do the obvious. I'm not worried about it, really, but I hope it goes where intended. That always gives me a warm fuzzy. Sent a lengthy email to La Agente yesterday full of comments about minty publishing goodnesses present and future, including my ridiculous writing schedule between now and WorldCon. Down time absolutely built in, thank you very much. I have not one but two interviews sitting in my email inbox to respond to. Some new photos soon, when I sort of catch up. And, um, yeah, about to roll back through Trial of Flowers again.

Busy? Me? Do Ford Pintos poop in the woods?