March 1st, 2006

sanguine-tads it morning yet?

Went to dinner with garyomaha and M last night at Guaca Maya, a rather excellent Mexican restaurant in south Omaha. Best nachos I've ever eaten, and I had quite a good torta milanese -- Mexican chicken-friend steak sandwich, basically. Saw Mandy the dog, pictures later if any of them came out, and driving home from Guaca Maya we saw a rather large owl working the streets of their neighborhood.

This morning I put on my new Reebok Pumps. It was something of an experience trying to buy new shoes at Crossroads Mall yesterday. My old ones were slipons with velcro tabs, which works well for me because I'm 41 years old and still massively incompetent at tying my shoes. Apparently velcro walking shoes are tres passé this season. These things were all I could find. They look like the moon boots off a 4th grader's astronaut costume. They have pumps in the toes which inflate a bladder in the heel with each step to ease the heel strike. Paging Frank Herbert -- anyone remember stillsuit heel pumps? Plus que ca change.

According to gmaps-pedometer I walked 1.7 miles this morning, through the residential neighborhood just east of here. That includes about 100 feet of elevation change, so there was a little hilliness to make me work. The site won't save the route for some reason, though. I saw a number of rabbits (where was that owl, anyway?), and a whole lot of McHouses on 60x120 lots with ten year old American card parked out front. Too early for a spin in the Jacuzzi when I got back (assuming I care what my neighbors in room 214 think), so I skipped it.

Off to work soon.

Another day in sunny Omaha

70 degrees here today, I swear. Weird day. Work was choppy but interesting. At lunch, work-buddy CD and I spotted this hammerhead trike conversion of a Honda Goldwing. (mckitterick, are you paying attention?).

Coming back out of the same restaurant, we saw a car lose a tire tread to delamination out on the road, and wound up spending more thna thirty minutes helping the driver get the tire changed. She had two different sized lug nuts on the wheel, and only one size of wrench. The wrench in my rent car was the same size as hers. CD walked down the road to a Midas and borrowed a wrench, about the same time someone from the lady's work showed up driving a school bus (literally) with a 4-way tire wrench. We got the lug nuts loose, and her jack wouldn't raise the car far enough. We braced the jack, got the wheel swapped for the donut, which has a smaller diameter, and the braced jack was too high to get out from under the frame. When we worked that little problem out, the donut was flat. We were a mess by the time we got back to the office.

I got over to see the Burgess Shales exhibit at the end of the day. The building was unbelievable -- the old Union Pacific station in downtown Omaha, with enough deco to freeze your Isles of Langerhans. The exhibit was slightly disappointing, as it was an exhibit about the Burgess Shales rather than an exhibit of the Burgess Shales. Nonetheless I got to touch a piece, and it was fairly cool. I also discovered that the site of the Burgess Shales, in Alberta, is within line of sight of the setting of "The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars", which is set at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. Man, I wish specficrider and I had known that when we were working on the story! What a cool tie-in.

Reading miscellaneous pieces of other people's fiction tonight, and generally laying low in hopes of getting more sleep. Omaha Beach Party tomorrow, and more from me on Authorial Perspective tonight or tomorrow.