March 12th, 2006


There's a gun on the mantel, dear Liza, dear Liza

deadcities_icon posted this link and this to Paul Jessup talking about China Mieville and fantasy-as-consolation. Interesting reading, calls into question some of the basic workshop wisdom. Money quote:

If Mieville wanted to rid us of fantasy that nurtures us and tells us everything is all right, he would have disaster destroy everything in the end and some of the guns never going off.

"You'd best fear the ear"

bibliothec was feeling better today, in part due to the good offices of tillyjane. (Thanks, mom!) So bibliothec and I took the Child hiking in Tryon Creek State Park Natural Area, then to McMenamins Kennedy School for lunch and the afternoon "mommy matinee." Kennedy School is cool -- I was first introduced to it by carapace_green some years ago. It's a WWI era elementary school that's been converted to a multiuse hotel, brewery, restaurant and theatre. Much as the McMenamin brothers do with historic properties all over the Northwest.

The movie was Hoodwinked. This was one of the most bizarre movies I've seen in a very long time. Imagine getting Jay Ward, Sid and Marty Krofft, a bunch of mid-1990's CGI animators and way too many hallucinogens in a room together. They'd come up with Hoodwinked. Little Red Riding Hood goes noir, by way of Rankin-Bass with computers. Wierdly, they actually had some fairly good voice talent.

Strangest line: "You'd best fear the ear."

Jay Bob sez check it out.