March 17th, 2006


Turkey City Lexicon

Writing an email on various subjects literary, I happened to mention the Turkey City Lexicon. It occurred to me that maybe not everyone knows about that wonderful little resource. It's basically a compilation of useful terms and ideas for critique process -- ways of thinking about assorted cliches and literary problems that we've all had to feel our way through. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Engineering question

I'm having a heck of a time framing an accurate Google query for this -- can someone point me to a resource which will give me info on the loss rates of high-tension electrical transmission line? Ie, for every 100kwh at the dam, how much makes it 10 miles, 100 miles, etc. (I realize this must be highly variable depending the incremental generation of the technology involved, weather conditions, etc., but I need some rough number.)

Update: I have an answer. Thank you for your help!

Going public with a little bit of mania

I'm having a writing retreat this weekend. I've decided I'd like to write six short stories this weekend. (Yes, they all have requesting or intended markets.) Not sure if that's reasonable. Word count wise it certainly is, something between 15,000 and 30,000 words between tonight and Sunday afternoon isn't hard to crank out. But can I shift gears/directions/voices six times?

Guess we'll find out. Just finished "Where the Water Meets the Sky", 2,400 words, prolly 2,600 after I fix a couple of things and goose up a couple of elisions. Going to start on another one before I crash this evening.

Watch this space as I continue to work live without a net.