March 28th, 2006


JayCon VI - My Sixth Annual 37th Birthday Party

JayCon VI, my sixth annual 37th birthday party, will fall on June 3rd, 2006. It will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm (and onward) at the Flying Pie Pizzeria on SE Stark in Portland. This is quite convenient to I-205 for anyone coming from out of town, and avoids the parking hassles of prior JayCons experienced at downtown location.

Come on down, bring the kids. If we get enough people moving in that direction, I might put on some actual programming this year.

Why I've been posting so much lately about writing

I was thinking this morning about why I've been posting so much lately about writing, specifically my process and experiences in the field.

I know some people think it's risky to focus on process, especially metrics. I understand the concern -- it's very easy to get pulled into analysis paralysis over words per hour, submission statistics, and so forth. I use that kind of data retroactively, to reflect on process improvement and achieve an understanding of my career. It doesn't drive my writing, it describes my writing.

On the other hand, there's some who think it's misguided or even pompous to make declarations about writing. They may be right. All I can say is, well, your mileage may vary.

Here's why I do it:

Because I've always been hungry for information. Because during the years when I was toiling without reward, I wanted to know what I was working toward. Because as I first began selling, I wanted to understand the experience of people with successful careers. Because as I continue to develop into a real writer (carve "He was a real writer" on my tombstone, willya? -- I won't be one til then) I want to see how others do it.

We're all monkeys. We learn by doing, but we do by seeing. For this monkey, information is sometimes validation, sometimes challenge, sometimes epiphany, sometimes irrelevant. But it's always interesting. So I repay the favor of countless other writers -- including some of my fiercest critics -- in the only way I know how: by sharing my information.


Misc updatery discovers duct sealant

Odds and ends. Noticed a restaurant yesterday with the extremely unlikely name of "Husky or Maltese Whatever". Unfortunately the Portland Tribune page I found explaining the sign loads blank on my browser, and the associated Google cache is broken somehow.

Also saw an Alfa Romeo with EU plates yesterday. Not very normal for these parts.