April 8th, 2006


In San Francisco

In San Francisco with bibliothec, currently (slowly) waking up at E's house. E was my mom's college roommate, and babysat me when I was an infant. She now is an English professor at CCSF. Interesting gal, and we seem to have a lot to talk about.

Plane was an hour late yesterday, and Hertz rented me a luxobarge considerable larger than the car I'd reserved. (I continue to be on the random upgrade list, probably because I'm such a frequent renter.) Nearly set a land speed record getting to Frank Wu's house in Palo Alto, then with Frank across the bay to dinogrl's school, where we arrived at the classroom about 25 minutes before dismissal. That was enough time to talk to the kids, take questions, do some Storywords on the fly, and for Frank to show off his Sekret Projekt. We booked out again, got lost looking for an Indian restaurant dinogrl had recommended, and copped out with a late lunch at Chevy's.

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Lunch today at Green's with E, and my dad and step-mom, then the Big Event tonight. Y'all play nice.

My earliest memories in life

The question of earliest memories in life came up in conversation last night. I kind of like mine, and they probably say a lot about who and what I've become. There's three of them, from the same time period in my life, though I couldn't tell you which came first. I was living in Dahomey (a former French West African colony now known as Benin) with my mom and dad, so I was maybe three years old. Collapse )

What are your earliest memories? Do you think they have any connection with your work and identity as a writer?


To whoever felt the need to key my rental car while it was parked at Ft. Mason -- I hope the experience meant a lot to you. Thank you for making me feel so welcome on my visit to San Francisco.