April 11th, 2006


O mighty lj brain

I'm hoping someone out there either has this linked cached, or has superior Google skills to my own. I'm looking for a listing of the average expansion of word count/column inches when translating from English into various other major world languages. Yes, I know this depends immensely on the nature of the content, colloquialisms, etc., I'm just hoping there's some generic value which says English -> Spanish | 115%, English -> French | 110%, and so forth. If you know, please share!

Update: tharain and the_flea_king helped me find what I need. Thanks, dudes!


Little things. I still owe an update on Kink Ink, along with a wrap on the California trip. Since I've been back, bibliothec, the Child and Mother of the Child have all been sick with versions of the same flu-ish thing. This is Not Good for the upcoming trip to Norwescon on Thursday. Speaking of same, I'll be in Seatac Thursday-Sunday, then off to Omaha Monday-Friday. Unknown quantities of blogging.

And anent blogging, I meant to write a post on control issues. Darn I've been busy.

bibliothec and I had lunch with my mom and dad, lillypond and the Niece. That was pleasant. I've got the revisions to Trial of Flowers nailed down, meant to review them tonight. Instead I spent the evening doing crit for the Norwescon workshop and line-editing novelette "Crossing the Seven" so I could get it into submission. I think I can do a final review on Trial tomorrow night, and get it out to my first readers. That means I can crank up on Mainspring next week when I'm off to Omaha, two weeks ahead of schedule!

Busier than I really want to be, and having everyone around me fall sick is challenging. Sigh.

Maybe I'll be clever here on lj tomorrow.