May 9th, 2006


And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus

Forgot to mention that the other day bibliothec, the_child and I were having dinner at McMenamin's Barley Mill on Hawthorne, where someone had parked an elderly FJ-40 Land Cruiser outside in complete strip-down mode. Windshield folder, doors and roof removed, the works. This thing looked like it lived somewhere in the Nevada desert. It was towing a WWII/Korea surplus US Army trailer to boot. The driver finally wandered out of the restaurant, and he was the love child of Fidel Castro and Billy Gibbons.

That observation led to the_child wanting to know who Fidel Castro was. Which embarked the three of us on a reasonably lengthy discussion of revolutionary politics, colonialism and post-colonialism, and the history of ancient China and Pharaonic Egypt. Coz you know, you're never too young to learn the True History of our times.

In other news, just finished reading The Air Loom by Mike Jay. [ ] It's creative nonfiction, about James Tilly Matthews, who is Patient Zero for the modern affliction of machine control. Matthews is the great-granddaddy of everyone with a CIA mind control implant or an alien anal probe, in other words. Jay spends a lot of time on the politics of French revolution, the history and evolution of mental health care in early modern Europe, and even on architecure. I thought it sagged a little in the second half, but the book is a veritable mine of wonderful citations, concepts and story ideas.

Next up, an ARC of The Demon in the City by our own lovely and talented mevennen. I very much enjoyed her Snake Agent [ ], and am looking forward to this book.

Off to work now. Play nice, do good, don't leave home without your ration of Spam.

The Teddy Bear Gun Voting Poll Is Open

The Teddy Bear Gun voting poll is open. Fame, fortune and valuable prizes await the winner. Read through the entries under the first cut, then vote for your favorite in the poll. I'll hold this open, probably through the weekend. Ballot box stuffing and smart-aleck remarks in comments encouraged. (In fact, I'll give a special prize to the snarkiest/funniest comment.) Poll winner gets their choice of an ARC of Trial of Flowers when it becomes available, or a copy of my extremely limited edition dark erotica chapbook, Loving Julius. Ties to be settled by the_child as necessary.

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Writing up my memoirs for the paperback edition of the Boy Scount manual

Well, I seem to have come to the other end of the Mainspring edits/rewrites. My next few writing sessions will be concerned with reviewing that work, doublechecking the editorial notes, etc, then it's off to a couple of last readers. Also going to try to find the time to have bibliothec read it aloud to me. That was extremely helpful for Trial of Flowers.

The Teddy Bear Gun poll is open here, in case you somehow missed it.

Dinner tomorrow with garyomaha and M. garyomaha has been very gracious about helping plan the visit of tillyjane and the_child to Omaha in July, and offering his services as tour guide. Omaha Beach Party on Thursday with blzblack and some of the other usual suspects. Work goes on.