May 11th, 2006


If you go out in the wind today

Walked again this morning. There's a pretty serious wind out there, gusty enough to make you think twice about extending your arms away from you body lest you be carried to Neverneverland, or possibly Sarpy County, NE. But I repeat myself.

The Teddy Bear Gun poll currently shows kradical in the lead, closely trailed by johnbowker. Go show 'em who's boss! Alternatively, go show 'em some love...


Busy day at work, including writing what may have been the most complex memo of my life. Nice dinner at the Omaha Beach Party with blzblack and the cast of dozen, including an appearance by birthday boy garyomaha and M. Have packed, have dealt with numerous writing related program emails and whatnot. I have to get up in less than five hours to fly to SFO and spend the weekend at WHC.

Who me, rested? Hahahahahahah...zzz...

Oh, and someone is coughing their lungs out in the hall outside my hotel room.

(no subject)

My public has demanded an update on future Jay Lake collections, to go with the novel update I just posted.

I am proud to announce The River Knows Its Own from Wheatland Press, February, 2007. This is a follow-on project to my Texas-themed Dogs in the Moonlight, with stories from, in and about the Pacific Northwest.

An untitled collection of linked novelettes/novellas will follow in February, 2008 from Per Aspera Press. Details to come.

In the mean time, if you're jonesing for some minty Jay Lake collection goodness, there's Dogs in the Moonlight [ Clarkesworld | Amazon ] and American Sorrows [ Clarkesworld | Amazon ] to be had now.