May 12th, 2006


Blue skies, nothing but blue skies

In DFW airport. Plane from Omaha was almost an hour late, but that's ok, the plane to San Francisco is delayed by at least half an hour. Whee! I loves me some air travel.

Found out this morning that Interzone is publishing my short story "Where the Water Meets the Sky." It's one of the stories from my six-story challenge weekend, the one which has been rejected. So my score is 3 acceptances, 1 rejection, and 2 under consideration. W00t.

Also, meant to recount Collapse )

Finally, I've just now banged out a proposal for a sequel to Trial of Flowers. Now I need to let it steep and see if I like it.

One more thing...

Busy this weekend with WHC, unlikely to have time to troll my flist as usual. If there's a post I should read, drop me a comment here or email me directly. Regularly scheduled programming will resume on Monday.