May 14th, 2006


And the winner is...

...with 99 votes cast, the Teddy Bear Gun voting poll is now officially closed. The winner is johnbowker, with 17 votes for this entry:

"You've got to be careful with those 18-year-olds," the bartender had warned me the night before, but until I came to a most disagreeable consciousness that morning, the rage in her pale eyes a numbing contrast to the the dark impassive bore of the Japanese-import teddy bear gun she cocked with cold efficiency, I didn't realize, both with scotch and with women, just how good that advice was.

kradical came a solid second with 13 votes.

johnbowker, let me know whether you'd like a copy of my very limited edition dark erotica chapbook, Loving Julius, or an ARC of Trial of Flowers when it becomes available. kradical, you're eligible for johnbowker's leavings if you'd like, as a consolation prize.

I also promised a special prize to the snarkiest/funniest comment. That would go to v_verticordia for:

Who are you people and is there a catalogue where I can order my own set????

I'll teddy-bear your gun!!!

v_verticordia, you've won your choice of Rocket Science, TEL : Stories or American Sorrows.

Winners please drop me an email. Please put "Teddy Bear Gun" in the subject line. Thanks!

WHC Exit Report

I'm waiting in sweat-slicked wonderment at San Francisco International Airport (motto: "What is this 'air conditioning' you speak of?") to standby on an earlier flight than my inexplicably late reservation. I'll either be home at dinnertime or bedtime. Guess which I'd prefer...

WHC was fine, in a low key sort of way. Briefly saw International Bon Vivant and Raconteur nick_kaufmann, along with many other folks such as Rick Kleffel, Cheryl Morgan (her report), kevin_standlee (his report), the aforementioned Night Shade and Borderlands gangs, the Locus gang, Tachyon, Cargo Cult, Dave Smeds, Alan Clark, Paul Groendes, Frank Wu, Chris Roberson, 2muchexposition (of the glorious shoes), Steve Jones and Mandy (whose surname I can never recall), the celestial Lori Ann White and many, many others.

It's like going to an F/Sf convention torqued about fifteen degrees out of true. A number of familiar faces, but a lot of horror folks who were simply unknown to me. The dealer room was heavily loaded toward presses barely familiar to me, which makes sense since I don't spend a lot of time in the horror world. The programming didn't mean a lot to me, ditto. Instead I loitered in the dealer room, the downstairs hall, the bar, the lobby, and yakked up whoever I could find. Entertaining, but not enormously relevant to me personally.

On the plus side I got some business done, and learned a few things I hadn't known before about publishing, printers and presses. I enjoyed myself. Still, I think I agree with kevin_standlee, "Am I going to go to Toronto's WHC next year? Almost certainly not. Would I attend another WHC held within a day's drive of my home? I'd say it's likely."