May 24th, 2006


Kind of Cool

I'm about 5% of a Prix Aurora nomination. The Julie Czerneda-edited anthology Fantastic Companions, which includes my short story "Eggs for Dinner", has been nominated in the category "Best Other (English)." Numerous other lj'ers share in this fractional goodness as well.

I've been stretching my mouth to let those big words come right out

What a day. Details are boring, suffice to say I'm damned glad I put the wrap on Mainspring yesterday. Fire drills at work, a friend got mugged tonight in the parking lot at the_child's school, I lost (and eventually found) some Very Important Stuff I wanted to take to WisCon, blah blah. Off to sleep, perhance to not dream about the day.

Stressy days like this make me realize how low stress my life has been the last six or eight months. That in turn makes me thankful.