June 4th, 2006


JayCon VI Report

Last night's links.

And kind reportage from karindira here.

It was big fun, of course. JayCon always is. I worry, then things work out. We had a cast of dozens, including bridget_coila and her Lexlike hubbie, robvagle and his sweetie X, davidlevine and kateyule along with djonn, ramblin_phyl, RadCon Bob, kenscholes and his wife J, mkhobson and daughter N, mme_publisher and son N, tillyjane with the Niece, as well as her friends A and E (E of "once you hit 80 it's all downhill" fame), long lost friends of tillyjane with their daughter, darklady_produc with her sweetie D and his son, bibliothec, the_child, the monks from the Portland Buddhist Priory, and others that the morning fog has clouded my brain regarding.

mme_publisher's son played solo rock guitar as light entertainment. (He's hella good, btw.) kenscholes did a reading of "Jay Lake and the Mole Men of Mars," second in a continuing series (available here). The kids decorated cakes (chocolate, carrot and velvet cakes). tillyjane gave me a profoundly extravagant present, mkhobson gave me this, karindira brought me some very cool books in Furrin languages (a handmade memory book of a Finnish couple's wedding and honeymoon (or immigration?) to the United States in 1929, as well as a 1902 books of adventure stories in some Cyrillic language, probably Russian), other people brought other lovely gifts of varying taste and redemptive social value.

The great gift was everyone's presence, and the good wishes of those who couldn't make it. Man, I love my friends.