June 28th, 2006


Swimming in mud

Genre car is in the shop having its booboo fixed. Insurance company has been very helpful. Lots of Keystone Kop issues this morning -- the car I was going to borrow is 8 miles from its keys, etc. Meanwhile, I have received both Best of the Rest 4Clarkesworld ] and Agog! Ripping Readsamazon ] in today's mail. Yeah! Go order 'em. My story "Green" is in Best of the Rest 4, reprinted from the fine Aeon magazine -- a sort of strange, sensual fantasy. Agog! has "Different in the Lands of Glory," an original story about the Millerite revival in the 1840s.


A number of the emails I've received about Rocket Science say things like, "I don't normally read science fiction, but..." or "I haven't enjoyed SF since I was a kid, but..." Which has made me wonder how Rocket Science would do packaged as a general fiction (or even litfic) title. So I Collapse )

It's an interesting exercise in thinking about novels and genre. (Also a demonstration of why I'm not a book designer.)