July 7th, 2006



Hey! I'm back at the keyboard! Here's what I've got going this weekend:

  • Just wrapped up my portion of the judging of the ChiZine short story contest. (I'll elucidate a little once the results are announced.)

  • Finishing the copy edit of Trial of Flowers this weekend.

  • Starting the next IROSF article from me and specficrider.

  • Doing multiple small, important things to meet a rapidly looming deadline on a Sekrit Projekt which will be announced Any Day Now. Watch this space for some serious coolness.

  • Wrapping up the Polyphony 6 acceptances and rejections with mme_publisher.

  • Breakfast with kenscholes tomorrow.

  • Some amount of quality time with the_child

  • Some light home repair for Mother of the Child

Then off to Omaha on Monday, where the_child and tillyjane are joining me on Wednesday.