July 11th, 2006


Misc updatery, Omaha edition

The new IROSF column by specficrider and me is up today, "Breaking the Success Barrier."

Also, Dark Discoveries is taking my Dark Towns story, "The God Clown Is Near."

Triviata: that story explains some of the backstory of "The Trick of Disaster," which will be reprinted in the upcoming limited edition of Greetings From Lake Wu with the amazing Frank Wu illustration.

Off to the office soon, offline the rest of the day.

Caption Contest: We have a winner!

The caption contest for Collapse )

...has been closed. The winner is creed_of_hubris, with 10 votes for:

"bear, reflected in lake"

The runner up is floating_tide, with 6 votes for:

"The species etymonus loquacious, or Brass-Crested Genre Writer, can be identified by its subtle glasses, sensible footwear, and remarkable hauteur." (It was longer, but didn't fit inside the poll question.)

creed_of_hubris, you win your choice of a personalized Jay Lake book (except the limited edition, I don't have that to give away), or Tuckerization in the sequel to Trial of Flowers.

floating_tide, as runner up, you get to feast on creed_of_hubris's leavings.

Thanks everyone for playing, and for voting!


Finally got the time amid all my travels to finish Hal Duncan's VellumClarkesworld | Amazon ]. It's one of the most amazing books I've ever read. Not this year, not in genre, but in my lifetime. It's a book that makes you work, very hard -- non-linear structure, fractal plotting, complex characterization, some fascinating but obscure literary and military history, Big Ideas on a cosmic scale -- but if you like to work for your reading pleasure, it's profoundly rewarding. I can't even begin to tell you what it's about, except it's about, well, everything.

Buy it.

Read it.

Pass it on.

It will inspire you.

Valve of the Worm

While grabbing the Vellum link from Clarkesworld, I managed to in passing misread Valley of the Worm (a title currently featured on his splash page) as Valve of the Worm.

Which I now think I'm going to have to write. Darn it.

What do you suppose that title would be about, anyway?