July 20th, 2006


Here's one for all you coulrophobes

As kradical and tillyjane have made clear, there is a great hunger in the land for news of 44 Clowns. The book was delivered to the publisher about two months ago. Cover art has been selected. It is due to be released at World Fantasy this fall as a ebook from Scorpius Digital. I do not yet have final confirmation -- that's why this is a pre-announcement -- but the project is off its eternal hold cycle and moving forward.

In case you're wondering what 44 Clowns is, it's an anthology edited by me and Mike Brotherton, 11 stories about the Four Clowns of the Apocalypse. Collapse )

The table of contents (not in publication order)...

"All Smiles" by Mercurio D. Rivera
"'And the Little Clown Laughed to See Such Sport'" by Syne Mitchell 
"Behold a White Tricycle" by Keith R.A. DeCandido
"Clown Sauce" by Ray Vukcevich 
"Clowns Come Tumblin' Down or Sad Eyes" by Jeremiah Tolbert 
"End of the Rainbow" by Jay Caselberg
"Four Clowns of the Apocalypse and the Mecca of Mirth" by Ken Scholes
"Rodeo" by Laura Anne Gilman
"The Dogma Wagging the Prophet" by Alan L. Lickiss
"The Fourth Ring" by Deborah Grabien
"Uncle Zany and the Boys" by Kris Dikeman 

Here's the info page from the publisher.

(And no, leahbobet, you don't have to read it. EVAR!)

A thing or two more...

Learned a new term listening to NPR today, "food miles." The meaning was utterly obvious in context, but I linked to Wikipedia for reference here. One of those things which is obvious in retrospect but I probably never would have thought of.

A forgotten tidbit:

Last Sunday morning, around 4 am in Omaha when tillyjane and the_child and I were heading for the airport for our return to Portland, we got to talking about planetary evolution and the stellar iron cycle. This led to a discussion of chemistry and the origins of the elements. In the course of the conversation I had to take a run at defining atoms for the_child, which included the information that they were invisible to the casual eye, as they were too small to be seen, but that everything in the world was made of them. Legos were invoked as an analogy.

Fast forward about ten hours as we're landing in Portland. The airplane took the usual westbound approach, crossing the Cascade volcano line as it came in on final. On a good day (as Sunday was) you can see the Sisters, Three-Fingered Jack, Jefferson, Hood, Adams, St. Helens and Rainier from the aircraft, and I think maybe a peak past the Sisters to the south as well. We were commenting on Mt. Adams' placement in the line, because I tend to forget where it lies geographically, and I said, "Yeah, Adams is invisible to me."

the_child said, "That's because it's made of atoms," then dissolved in cackling glee.

Off to write more now.

Updatery in the heat

3,600 words on Madness of Flowers this afternoon. I'm picking up steam toward my sustained pace of writing now that the story is really sinking in to me, or vice versa.

About 95 here today. Supposed to be 100 tomorrow and 104 on Saturday. Yikes! Ugly, ugly.

Mebbe more process stuff from me tomorrow, here.