July 22nd, 2006


Misc Updatery sweats like a billygoat

12,500 more words on Madness today. Draft currently stands at 31,500.

Knocking off for a while to go deal with a minor emergency at the_child's school, which I am one of the few who can solve. (Unfortunately, it's an outdoor emergency.) Then bibliothec and I are going to spin by Powell's to pick up a copy of YBSF for ego searching purposes, grab some dinner, and attempt to stay out of the heat. Though it's considerably less beastly today than originally forecast, thanks to a low cloud cover.

For the nonce, I live you with this excellent FAQ -- one of the best Frequently Asked Questions lists I've ever seen on a Web site.


Apparently my novelette "Dark Flowers, Inverse Moon" tied for fourth in the Asimov's reader's poll. Also, have the new Weird Tales with my story "Small Magic" therein. And apropos of meaningless statistics, I've also determined my Technorati rank is 29,764.

Back to the writing.

PS -- It's still hotter than crud here.