July 24th, 2006


The dream-quest of unknown kitty wrath

I woke up dreaming. I was on Hawthorne Street, the hip/post-hip shopping district here in Portland (where davidlevine amd kateyule live, coz they're cool). Except it was a sort of post-apoclayptic Hawthorne Street, sort of like a scene out of Hardware, or maybe Mad Max without the explosive crossbows. No one had cars anymore, the buildings had grown these sort of excresences out into the street, and there was a full-on Third World souk selling the relics of our culture.

Standing in the street wondering where to go next, while tillyjane shopped in an ironmongery, I saw something very tiny get dropped by a bird. I bent to look and realized it was a black kitten, not much larger than a flea. I whipped out my digital camera (hey, it's my dream!) and tried to get a photo, wondering how I was going to get something in the image for scale. The kitten hopped around much like a flea. I managed to keep chasing it until it hid behind a peep (one of those Easter candy chicks) someone had dropped on the pavement. I circled the peep, camera ready, but the kitten was gone.

The ironmonger told me the kittens all lived in a certain store down there street, so tillyjane and I headed that way, but then I had to get up and go to work, so I never learned what it was all about.

Funicular, funiculaaaah!!!

Portland is in the process of putting in an aerial tram from the SW riverfront up the OHSU hospital complex on Marquam Hill. It's a pretty complex engineering project, involving a steep rise crossing Interstate 5, Barbur Blvd (a major through street), and several residential neighborhoods. Right now they're finishing the base tower, and building temporary towers to hold the tram cables off the ground while they're stringing them. Some pretty fascinating civil engineering going on right here in town.

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