August 1st, 2006


LACon Schedule

Wednesday, 8/23
10:00 pmMidnight Tales of Horror [M]

Thursday, 8/24
1:00 pmWriters & Illustrators of the Future [M]
4:00 pmWriting While Holding Down a Day Job
5:30 pmCities in Science Fiction

Friday, 8/25
3:00 pmAutographing
5:30 pmIntermediate Writing

Saturday, 8/26
10:00 amJay Lake Roast

This one's with davidlevine, klingonguy and johnnyeponymous. Luckily it's 10 am, and so no one is going to come. Right?



Sunday, 8/27
1:00 pmReading

Plus of course the usual quality bar time, social frippery, parties and mealtime confabs...

If only I had time for another rant

Too busy this morning with other work, you lucky people. However, I was chatting briefly this morning with kenscholes by IM about a certain online writers' group where a number of folks are declaiming authoritatively that small press sales ruin your career.

You can imagine my reaction.

(The same guys were claiming HMs and award noms were meaningless too.)

The following popped out of my fingertips, lightly edited here for reading comprehension.

"The influence of any specific event in a short fiction career is too granular to accurately gauge, but a lack of activity gets you nowhere, while a pattern of activity can get you somewhere."

That's a career in writing, people. You never do know what's what until after the fact, but holding out for the sake of some mistaken principle isn't going to get you much of anywhere.

Life's hard edges

Talking to my neighbor today. She's a woman who in the space of five years lost her son-in-law, her husband and both daughters to cancer, and is now raising her two granddaughters alone on SSI and not much more. She mentioned she'd lost five friends this year, then said very matter of factly, "Once your children are gone, it's hard to grieve for anyone else."

Some day I'll use that line in a story, because it's the sound of a broken heart grinding itself to dust.