August 4th, 2006


"Trust some of this, it'll show you where you're at, or at least it'll help you really feel it"

About 2,000 words on Madness yesterday. A bit short of minimum, but my writing time was limited and very chopped up. Spent a bunch of time dealing with map art issues on Trial of Flowers and promotional issues on the Greetings From Lake Wui limited edition, which came out of the same budgeted hours as writing.

Supposed to go photograph those derelict Pullman cars up close very early tomorrow morning with zind4gi and wj. Whom I don't actually know in IRL at all. That will interesting at a meta-level, as it's my first pure-lj connection with actual people outside my writing-related program activities.

Later in the morning tomorrow bibliothec, tillyjane, the_child and I are supposed to go hiking and geocaching. Outdoorsie stuff, with the hopes of tacking a few hours of writing on the back end since we're not all-day types. The adults are having lunch today, in part to plan that expotition.

No deep thought this morning, and all I dreamed about was ruining the transmission on the GENRE car (in my dream, not IRL), so that's not interesting to report except as an indirect writer anxiety dream. Play nice.

Wisdom of the ages

Things I already knew which I put into practice this morning:

When you hear a funny clickety noise that matches your road speed, stop and check your tires.

When there is a honking big roofing nail sticking out of one of your rear tires, change it.

Things I have (re)learned this morning:

When committing fiction (in the waiting room of the tire repair place), do not use the phrase "feeling the prick of the noumenal." Ever.

In Portland, numbered streets run north-south. This has been true for the six and half years I've lived here, and it's been true for at least a century before that. Nonethess I was forced to learn it again this morning.

Little bit of this, little bit of that

A day of bits and pieces. I'll have some more writing time tonight, but not a lot.

Just got back from an art opening at the Velveteria, a small gallery devoted to velvet paintings and assorted semirelated tackiness. (danjite and khaybee, are you listening?) It was a collection of seed art by Cathy Camper, a part-time librarian at bibliothec's institution. The seed art was pretty amazing, as was the velvet.

Stopped at Music Millennium to buy the_child a copy of Queen's A Night at the Opera to feed her recent obsesson with "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Off early to photograph train cars, then hiking with bibliothec, tillyjane and the_child, followed by some geocaching. Back to writing tomorrow afternoon/evening.