September 3rd, 2006


In which "Green" is mentioned

An SF Site review of Best of the Rest, ed. Brian Youmans.

Did I ever mention I plotted a novel, Green Crossing, following the events of the short story? And that my novelette "The Daughters of Desire," soon to appear in Blood and Devotion, is in the same continuity, set shortly after the events of "Green"? Oh, so does my unpublished short story "Lower Persimmon Vale Bridge," which has been rejected by all the best markets, mostly with the comment that it felt like the first chapter of a novel.

Gee, something else to do someday.

(And thanks to ToCmate kenscholes for the pointer.)

Apropos of the weekend

Spent two days at the Oregon coast with the_child. We delivered and shelved the Ken Rand Memorial Reference Library at the Oregon Writers Colony beach house. We walked on the beach (a lot). Stood in horridly cold water. Practiced her reading and writing. Practiced mine. Brought too much food, didn't eat enough of it. Took a helicopter tour of Cannon Beach, did some trainspotting for garyomaha and kevin_standlee, visited the wreck of the Peter Iredale (longtime readers of this lj may remember prior photos at that shipwreck).

Photos to follow, from the #2 camera as the #1 camera continues to be in the shop. Also finished Robert Borski's Solar Labyrinth and read all of Chris Roberson's Paragaea. Minireviews to come, along with whatever photos are worthwhile.

Home now, time to clean the Augean Stables.