October 1st, 2006


A day which could stand a rewrite

Everybody but me had a good day, I think. Woke up decently, began hammering on Stemwinder, became solo dad within an hour, and spent most the day with the_child. The key part of this was going to cheer tillyjane in walking the Portland Marathon. Meanwhile, the generalized ick I'd been feeling since yesterday morning emerged as round 3 of my continuing upper respiratory problem, with sore throat, congestion, headache, fatigue and loss of voice.

This is pretty much a guaranteed receipe for bronchitis if I am not extremely careful.

So naturally I went and stood around in the windy autumn air for several hours to cheer my mother on. This does not count as extremely careful. I would have had a lot of fun if I wasn't feeling so freaking swacked.

the_child walked tillyjane in her last two miles. Everybody had a great time. I shivered a lot and buried myself in my hoodie (the one with the aggressively liberal political message, but, hey, this is Portland). Afterward I came home and took a nap. Unusual. Then I ate dinner. Unusual. I'm feeling a bit better, wrapped in blankets on the couch, but there will clearly be no more writing tonight. Luckily I made goal this morning, thanks to the_child being reasonably cooperative.

Right now I'm almost terrified of getting sick. I've got this book to write, and a fifteen day road trip to Omaha and WFC coming up in three weeks. With a couple of smaller out of town ventures in the mean time. I cannot be sick.




So, formal report, 2,500 words today. And by gummies, I stopped typing as soon as I hit that line this morning.

Now I'm going to go read about tulips til I fall asleep.