October 15th, 2006


Misc updatery visits our nation's capital

Finally back from DC. Long trip, with no wireless (or cell phone Internet) in National Airport, and a late arrival in Dallas that kept me from ever hopping in because I had to sprint for my next flight.

I think Dad had a great birthday weekend, and thank you all for your good wishes to him. We really did surprise him, in the end, and it's pretty rare for the whole family to be in one place at one time. I'm glad to be going home, though, especially since I have such a massive roadtrip coming up on the 23rd.

Next Sunday is the_child's 9th birthday. We'll be partying on Saturday, but she's already enjoying her new skateboard.

Meanwhile, I've finished the first read-through of the Mainspring copy edits. I think there were three pages in the entire packet with no red ink on them. I made a bunch of notes to myself of things to check on, and I still have to address the queries that came with the CEM, as well as develop the dedication and so forth. I should be getting it out to Tor around Wednesday of this week. I've also made some notes to move over to Stemwinder, as this close re-read of Mainspring turns out to have been very timely for recapturing some voice and worldbuilding elements. Ah, serendipity.

Also, in addition to the CE work, I got 2,900 words done on Stemwinder today, and caught up with a bunch of LJ posts I've been working on. Watch for those in the next day or so -- I don't see much point in dumping a bolus of politics and commentary on Sunday night, though I will put up my extended thoughts on social invisibility.

Still in the air as I draft this, but I'll be glad to be home soon.

I loves me some fan mail

Just got a fan letter off Rocket Science, very complimentary. The writer cracked me up, though, when they said:

Only one question: What did Vernon and Floyd plan to eat during the week-long trip to Mars?

Hmmm...more work for me if I ever write a sequel.

More on social invisibility

I wrote recently about social invisibility. It was a context where I was actually mildly amused by a curious interaction (or lack of interaction). There have been some quietly pained comments on that post, reminding me of something I already knew perfectly well -- that far too many of us are socially invisible, for reasons of gender, size, appearance, affect, class, and so forth.

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What does it all mean? I don't know. No wisdom here today, sorry. Just a sense we could all do better as human beings if we noticed everyone around us at least minimally, and tried to retain social parity, on the sidewalk, in the grocery store, on the highway, or in the wider world.