October 21st, 2006


Wisdom of the_child

the_child is watching Fairy Tale. There's a scene near the end where a fairy, fluttering in mid-air, pushes open a window latch with some obvious exertion. She said, "Wouldn't it be hard to do that if you're flying?"

By gummies, I think she just hit on Newton's Third Law.

A moment of introspection

I was IMing with bravado111 about this and that last night, when we got to talking about some of my recent posts. I remarked that some of them made me distinctly uncomfortable, for example, the posts on social invisibility and, more recently, being a parent looking at other people's kids. The politics posts can also be difficult, though in a slightly different sense.

I've concluded there's only two things I really won't blog about. One is my daughter's misadventures -- I don't talk about things which will eventually be hurtful for the_child to read about, or understand that others know. I certainly talk about my misadventures with her, but I protect her privacy. The second is intimate details of my life -- romance, sex, that sort of thing.

Other than that, I've made just about everything fair game. The most obvious, and more-or-less-official use of this blog, is to talk about my writing process and progress. Lots of natter about cats and the_child and photography, as well technology, science, general silliness, and recently (and somewhat painfully), politics.

Some of these present particular problems. For example, I agonized a lot before posting word counts. That's turned out well, I think, at least from my perspective. Politics is difficult, because what sound like passionate discourse to one reader is shrill ranting to another. I suppose that's the nature of that game, and I discussed reasons for beginning those posts at the time. Some of the personal stuff is painful. But I'd rather be honest, which has an edge sometimes.

As I said to bravado111, I've never been a journaller or a diarist in any traditional sense. I seem to require a readership to talk to. LiveJournal has given me the tools to verbose and opinionated in a new venue, but I've never lacked for words or opinions. What it's also given me an audience. Which is you guys.

So thank you. It doesn't matter if you agree with me or find me a flaming idiot. Thanks for dropping by.


the_child's birthday was fabulous. Some of the ljers showed up, plus a couple of out of town friends. Spent time afterwards with an LA friend talking over various things, which is always rewarding, then took the night off from writing and went to a local party with a Seattle friend -- a hundred people I didn't know, from a world I don't play in. It was great fun, and I met lots of real cool people. Best line of the night there:

Party guy: "I'll bet we're pretty weird, huh?"
Jay: "After partying with Klingons, nothing is that strange anymore."
Party guy: (pauses) "You mean that literally, don't you?"

Tomorrow I have to run the_child down to Lake Oswego for a birthday party, then spend my day packing. This is logistically troublesome, as I'll be gone fifteen days, first to Omaha (for day job), then to Austin (for WFC). So that's a work wardrobe and a con wardrobe, plus outerwear appropriate to both destinations and seasons, etc etc. Bleh. It's an exciting life I lead.

If you're playing along with the takehome version of "Where's Jay", I'll be in Omaha 10/23-11/1. I'm planning to go to North Dakota the weekend of 10/28-10/29, as it's the only state in the union which remains unvisited by me. Then Austin 11/1-11/6. Blogging will be intermittent at best for those two weeks.

More tomorrow as I think of it.