Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|travel] Christmas, and what follows

Had a successful Christmas today. the_child did pretty good with her haul, including the crowning glory, a Canon multifunction printer/copier/scanner for her to use in her art projects. Dinner at my parents', where the haul was considerably reinforced. My piece de resistance was the restored 1907 Remington Model 10 typewriter given me by Mother of the Child, though numerous other thoughtful gifts were given and received all around.

At 0:dark:stupid tomorrow, the_child and I head for the airport, and off to San Francisco. We'll be connecting with calendula_witch mid-to-late morning. That's my last out of town trip pre-chemo, so I'm looking forward to both the time away and to the memories, if that makes sense.

I'm back on the 3rd. shelly_rae is back on the 5th. calendula_witch is back on the 7th. We hit zero hour on the 8th, where the rabbithole gapes open and swallows me whole.

Hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely, wonderful holiday season of their preference with persons of loving goodwill. Be well, one and all.

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