January 28th, 2007


Staring down both barrels of Sunday morning

Got my business work mostly done yesterday, with some time left over for a good running start on the novelette, "Green Grass Blues." Not to mention playing whack-a-mole with specficrider over the article that's due, um, right about now. More work on all three this morning and this afternoon/evening, with some time for the_child in between.

I wound up being ready to take a break around 7:30 last night, so instead of sloping off to Jack in the Box or some other upscale dining establishment, I went to deedop's party for a little while. (Mr. deedop is a chef, so this was a purely selfish move, I assure you.) This was in lieu of my sadly-cancelled social plans for the day, but sometimes life is like that. Then back home for some wrap up and zzzs.

My schedule for the next three weeks is daunting, as well. I'm very busy here this week, including the Diet Soap reading tomorrow, then I'm off to Omaha and Dallas for seven days, home for three days, and off to RadCon for four more. I think I'll have time to eat dinner.

In other news, the_child watched Phantom Menace yesterday, while I was working. Actually, she watched the Extras disc first, then the movie. I think it helps her visualize that the dangerous and frightening parts are all being played, and not for real. Meanwhile I was glancing up from my work and reflecting on the libertarian nature of the Star Wars universe, based on two simple things.

There are no workplace safety standards.

They build Big Science power plants with giant, energy-filled pits and narrow catwalks, and don't bother to put up safety railings. This means there is no government infrastructure concerning itself with the conduct of business with respect to employees. This also means there is no body of civil liability law, nor tort lawyers.

Add to that the apparent lack of aerospace traffic control, with all that implies about the regulation of trade and travel, and you have Libertarian paradise!

Meanwhile, I have work to do.


Spent my weekend working hard on marketing issues, PLNs, the IROSF article and Ghu knows what else. Writing related program activities without the, erm, writing. That's life...this is a business as much as it's an art, at least if one is interested in having a published career. Sometimes I lose track of that fact.

About to dive back into "Green Grass Blues" -- which in theory I should be able to finish tonight. The other two shorts will have to slide. Oh well, sometimes I'm not as a cool as I like to make out that I am.

In other news, at the_child's request, there was a pleasant little salami-and-cheese party this afternoon. It went well.

I have several worthy bits of blogging to do, both wit and erudition, but they await me actually doing to some writing first.

"Green Grass Blues"

9,600 words done, though I had to stay up late to do it. Yay!

This is set in the 'wizards' continuity, contemporary fantasy here in Oregon, same as my recent "Number of the Bus".