January 31st, 2007


Dept of small worlds, painting thereof

goulo in comments on the Lebowski post:

Your mashup has been mentioned in a Polish journalist's blog!

In a ridiculous small world coincidence, while I was typing my previous comment, a2na asked me "Is your author friend's name Jay Lake?" and showed me this:


Heh. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "blogu Jaya Lake". That has a nice ring.

Now if only Trial of Flowers Clarkesworld | Amazon ] were coming out in Polish as well as Czech.

Department of Coincidental Synchronicity

Cruising around the IntarPipes&Tubes in connection with my Canticle for Lebowski post, what to my wondering eyes should appear but the IMDB entry for The Big Lebowski, the plot summary of what was written by one J. Lake.

Not me, I hasten to add, but how freaking odd is that?

(Also, the contest is still open on the Lebowski thread, so if you haven't entered yet, do so before tomorrow morning. It's some damned funny reading as well.)

January Report

What a weird month. Here's what I can account for having accomplished:

  • Received 18 short fiction rejections

  • Sent out 19 short fiction submissions

  • Sold four short stories and a novelette, to Clarkesworld, Lone Star Stories, Mammoth Book of Monsters, New Ceres and Weird Tales

  • Sold "The Big Ice" (with specficrider) to the Dozois YBSF, plus a reprint to The New Weird, ed. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

  • Wrote four new short stories and and a novelette, totalling 26,000 words in first draft

  • Banged out next month's IROSF article with specficrider

  • Revised Stemwinder

  • Signed the Czech rights contract for Trial of Flowers Clarkesworld | Amazon ]

  • Did a bunch of market planning

Not to mention the day job, the_child, an extended trip to Omaha, and my efforts to have a better social life.

So why do I feel like I didn't get enough done?

I blame my developing novelist brain. There's a part of my writer's consciousness which knows that I can crank out 2,500 words a day, so it wants to know where the 75,000 words for January are. Couple that with my extremely deep-seated sense that I'm never doing enough anyway -- a big motivator for me, frankly -- and you have the above output/action items in the hands of a slightly puzzled me.

I'd say I need to have my head examined, except I'd be afraid I might break something important in the process. So I muddy onward, confident in my ability to only make major mistakes once, twice at the most.