February 14th, 2007


Your Republican Party in Action

The Baltimore Sun says it much better than I could..

Money shot:
According to the latest Gallup survey, Republican self-identification has declined nationally and in almost every American state. Why? The short answer is that President Bush's war of choice in Iraq has destroyed the partisan brand Republicans spent the past four decades building.

That brand was based upon four pillars: that Republicans are more trustworthy on defense and military issues; that they know when and where markets can replace or improve government; that they are more competent administrators of those functions government can't privatize; and, finally, that their public philosophy is imbued with moral authority. The war demolished all four claims.

Mainspring ARC contest

I'm starting to do marketing type thingies with the ARCs for Mainspring Amazon ].

One of which is I will hereby give one away to the person who gives me the best reason why they should read it now. Big props for funny, clever, good snark, or on-point. Bigger props for doing it as Mainspring fan fic.

To sweeten the pot, I will also Tuckerize the winner of this contest as a minor character in the Mainspring sequel Stemwinder, probably someone who meets an unpleasant death after demonstrating poor personal hygeine.

Leave your rationale in comments. I'll run a voting poll starting on Monday, when I'm back from RadCon. (Yes, I'll be happy to meet the expense of overseas mail for the winner, if need be.)

RadCon Ho

I'm off to the airport first thing tomorrow in the Genre car to pick up frankwu as he flies in from the Bay Area, after which we are peeling out for RadCon in scenic Pasco, Washington. A little chilly for cruising topless, but we'll see how die hard we're feeling. I don't have a schedule to post here because I'm, um, disorganized. Quiet evening at home prepping for the Con. Maybe I'll be more organized tomorrow.

Expect irregular to light blogging through Sunday, with occasional dispatches from the eastern end of the Columbia Gorge.